What is a miter table saw used for

There is a wide range of miter saws available in the market for every purpose of work from basic to heavy workloads. You can easily find a perfect model for your light home work purpose and for professional front.

With these miter saws the cost prize is a big issue and a factor which costumer considers the most. In the market you will find many options of miter saws in your budget and efficient enough to perform the function you buy it for. Along with all these features your miter saw will also have big enough area to perfectly accommodate your work piece.

What is a miter saw?

Miter saw is a device used to cut exact angles of wood, masonry, metal or even concrete. Before this invention, hand saw and a miter box was used to cut exact angles. These exact degree angles are made to combine different pieces together. So to do this work with ease, miter and table saw has been invented which is a perfect combination of miter box and powered circular saw. The common uses of this miter saw are floor boards and crown moulding; both of these require meet up flush at their joints.

What types of miter saws are there?

Here in this article we have covered some of the different basic types of miter saws.

What is a compound miter saw?

A compound miter saw has got a rotating blade that pivots both from vertical and horizontal and makes angle cuts in both the planes. This miter saw has arrangement in such a way that it rotates the angle of blade relative to horizontal plane. This model cuts bevel cuts with ease. Many compound miter saw come with a laser guide which locates the cutting point perfectly.

A cool safety feature allowssafe use.

Compound miter saw comes with a safety feature which includes a blade guard which covers the rotating blade and prevent any cut to your hand. This blade guard is self adjusting that retracts with a pull downwards and then again takes its original position.

How much do they cost?

After making some knowledge on these miter saws I have found that “wilton 8-1/4” compound miter saw 99100 is the cheapest. Though the prize of other popular miter saw ranges between $150 to $600.

Which are the popular?

It becomes a difficult task to choose one best miter saw from the many models available. I have selected some of the most popular saw miters from amazon.com. these saws had been used by the people and these customers have also given their valuable reviews which you must check out.

What is a sliding miter saw?

Sliding miter saw have two basic key feature which includes a vertical pivot that rotates and allow the blade to tilt both in vertical and horizontal position and this miter saw also got sliding arms horizontally that gives more wider cuts. This miter saw is cross cut saw as it cannot give long rip cuts.

Are they easy to use?

This compound sliding miter saw is a very easy to use both for professionals and DIY’s. it is portable but also strong enough to maintain the accuracy. Piece of wood is perfectly fixed so kick back isn’t a problem.

How does a sliding miter saw work?

This saw makes cuts from the above so one doesn’t need to fix according to the blade depth. Also it has a great feature of exact stops at most commonly used angles like 45 and 90 degrees.

Are there any disadvantages to using a sliding miter saw?

This saw has only one disadvantage that too not very major. The arrangement of blade is such that the wood chips and dust get collected and it becomes bit difficult to remove and clean. In a basic sliding miter saw you will find a solid mounted blade on sliding track and this is similar to radial arm saw.

Types of cut done with a standard sliding miter saw are:-

Cuts given are crosscuts, miter cuts and both the above mentioned cuts in wider material.

The blade remains fixed on a standard sliding miter saw. And for bevel cuts it does not rotate from left to right. This saw only works well for straight forward angled cuts that are across the grain.

Bonus tip.

You can also use standard sliding miter saw for making compound cuts.

What is a dual compound miter saw?

It has additional feature which allows the tilting in left and right directions while making cuts. It gives perfect bevel or angled cuts on both sides without flipping over the wood. This saw is perfect for crown mouldings and bevelled picture frames. Its blades have dimensions of 10 or 12 inches. This dual compound miter saw is very portable and ideal for normal cuttings but if your work requires cutting wood for long period of time you must go for heavy duty miter saw.

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