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Published June 2, 2008

What’s the big deal?

Can someone explain the whole Sex and the Cityphenomenon to me?

Is it just Star Trek for girls?

I keep hearing how it was a ground-breaking series. I keep hearing how a whole generation of women was empowered by its message which, as far as I can tell, is that pretty much anyone can have an active sex life in New York City, even if they kind of resemble a horse, as long as they dress nice.

I keep hearing what a funny, witty and intelligent series it was. I don’t know how to break it to you … but it really wasn’t. The West Wing was funny, witty and intelligent. Sportsnight was funny, witty and intelligent. Will and Grace was funny, witty and intelligent

Sex and the City
 was funny, witty and intelligent the same way Howard Stern is funny, witty and intelligent which is to say in a one-note, didja-see-how-edgy-and-racy-we-just-were kind of way.

I get that it was a better-than-average series with semi-interesting characters. I get that it represented a point of view that isn’t commonly shown on TV. So did Golden Girls… but you don’t see them rolling out Betty White and Bea Arthur for full-length movie.

I even get that the fashions and New York City were the “other main characters.”

What I don’t get is the level of hysteria accompanying the movie and the stars surrounding it. It just seem so totally out of proportion for the quality of the underlying product. From a guy’s perspective it’s like if everyone all of a sudden lost their minds over the Los Angeles Clippers.

This may come as a complete surprise to you but this isn’t the first time I haven’t understood something women do. So, if you feel you can add anything to my grasp of this hot-button issue, please feel free to drop me a comment. No DVDs, please. I don’t want to watch SATC, I just want to understand it.

The Friday Six is easy to understand. It’s six websites, blogs or HBO series made into movies that gave us a good laugh over the past week. And it has none of the alliteration of a Friday Five … how groundbreaking is that?

If you’re judging the National Spelling Bee, it’s probably pretty safe if you call one of the contestants a “numbnut.” It’s not like they’re going to kick your ass or anything. Thanks to Traci over at Road Atlas Shrugged for this gem from this year’s eventual winner.

I tried very hard not to laugh at this. I was sort of successful.

Major creativity points for this video mash-up over at Neatorama by way of one of our favorite sports blogs, With Leather.

If it’s election time, there must be celebrities vowing to leave the country if whoever they like doesn’t win. What Would Tyler Durden Do weighs in with insightful political commentary.

A steamy letter to Penthouse about a menage-a-trois is over at Bizlevity.
Get ready for some hot CPI price component on price component action.

Some people may ask how a previous post is eligible for the Friday Six. The real question is how could a Best of Mattress Police excerpt NOT make it into the Friday Six?

Have a racy SATC weekend, everybody.

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