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Published June 19, 2008

Sexy…in a Power Rangers kind of way…

Not content with dominating the world auto market, the Japanese robotic industry is now working to make American women smaller, quieter and more fuel efficient.

Japanese toy maker Sega is manufacturing “a 15-inch tall robotic girlfriend that kisses on command” and which will go on sale this September.

The real irony here is that if the tech geeks who worked on this had spent half as much time building a 15-inch robotic dick, they’d be able to get a real girl.

In addition to kissing on command, the pint-size female robot can also sing, dance and hands out business cards. I wish she could also do my programming homework, would be super awesome. Congratulations, Sega. You just built the world’s first robot stripper.

When it first hits the market, the robot is expected to retail for $175 because, as we all know, having a midget fetish isn’t cheap.

Savvy shoppers will note that for $65 you can get something that looks even more real by going to a Build-A-Bear workshop at the mall.

Sure, you’ll probably freak out the staff and a half-dozen kids, but you’ll at least get a certificate stating your Build-A-Bear is disease free.

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